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Torver Walks,  Gail Hardman's famous guide to 15 country walks from Torver, recently
is now available at the Wilson Arms and the Church House Inn.  Just ask at the bars.
If you're visiting on a walking holiday you really will be lost without it.
Go to the Torver Walks page for details


Village News Service


The Nobbut Torver Email services is suspended due to technical problems.

See Nobbut Torver page for details

The usual news items can now be found on the Nobbut News page.  Villagers will need to check into the village website regularly to view them. I check and update the website every morning.

Nobbut News

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Current matters

A campaign by Eddie Clunan to save our
phone boxes from being closed by BT.

Doggy Poo Poster 
for download and print
While doggies can be prodigal
In matters scatalogical,
It's hard on the community
To dump poo with impoonity.

Search for potential development sites
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Village Hall

Known as    The Schoolroom
History - Contact - Booking - 100 Club

Coniston & Crake Catchment Partnership
Dedicated to the monitoring and protection of our waterways from Coniston Water down through the River Crake and the local becks that feed them.

Previous website dog 
dismissed for
conduct on a public website.

The Ancient Village of Torver lies in a beautiful wooded valley close to Coniston Water at the southern end of the Lake District National Park. 

‘Thorvergh’ owes its origins to the Viking Norse incursions of the eighth century when they got tired of all that rapin’ and pillagin’ and decided to settle down. Of course, it was all mud huts back then (‘torf’ and ‘erg’: turf roofed hut) and most of them have gone now, but the Church House Inn dates from 1378.
(and other old stuff)

Want to know more about Torver? 
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down the side bar.  Or ask Torver's Village Idiot.
He'll be sat on a wall somewhere in the village.

The Village Idiot

Ralph, the website dog.

The Odds & Sods Box

Can you tie a knot?
Do you know the right knot for the job?
Can you tell a sheepshank from a sheet bend?
Would you hang your life from the best knot you can tie?
If not and you'd like to know, try The Knot Book
by Geoffrey Budworth, available from Amazon.
I'm a bit of a knot knerd and I wouldn't be without it.

Following recent Nobbut activity on broadband speeds, a reminder of this site's Self Help Speed-Up page (recently updated) - lots of tips for improving your system.
And do please send me your ideas.

Fly Fishing
       Coniston & Torver
District Angling Association
New members welcomed

We have two splendid pubs in Torver
Details on the  Pubs  page



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