About  Torver

"The ancient village, or rather the dispersed assemblage of little 
farmhouses, called Torver, contains little to 
interest, except 
primitive and un-modernised appearance, 
fully with the 
customs of its inhabitants."
(The Complete Descriptive Guide to the Lakes, published in 1847)

Bloody cheek!   Still, that guide was published down in Ulverston, a dead-end town 
picturesquely thrown 
together around a dead-end ship canal.  
             You can't miss the canal.   It's just behind the breaker's yard.
              (Handy if you're stuck for a pre-war bike frame, shopping trolley or old pram.)
I couldn't possibly comment on the "manners and customs of its inhabitants" but
I don't think they've 
in years and we do boast some of the happiest and 
most contented sheep in all of Cumbria.

Torver is in fact a small but delightful Cumbrian village at the southern end of the 
Lake District, 
set in a beautiful valley between Coniston Old Man and Coniston Water.

The settlement (Thorvergh in the ancient Viking tongue) has been here for over a thousand years, 
although the rapin’ and pillagin’ has long given way to gentler pursuits, 
still mostly 
now usually as a result of the excellent range of local ales in our two fine pubs.

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