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St Luke's Church

There are two excellent articles in the sub-pages all about the building of St Luke's and the three churches that have stood on the site, the stones and beams, designs and structures, so we'll leave all that to those who know better.

But the church is really about its people...
                                                    ...and you will find a very warm welcome in St Luke's.

We have a regular morning service at 9 am each Sunday - so why not make a good start to the day, then you're free to do plenty of other things as well. There are often other special services throughout the year.

At St Luke's, we enjoy worshipping God and all that He gives us in Jesus, and we also really enjoy being part of the local church family together, and the local community. We believe that you will sense the real presence of God in the building and trust you'll enjoy getting to know us all. Whilst we have a lovely building, the church is fundamentally the people! Why not come along on a Sunday and meet us?

We have a variety of worship styles each month ranging from the more traditional to the more contemporary, but no matter what the style, we seek to glorify God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and give our best in our worship of Him. We encourage regular bible study, both personal and corporate (if you want to know more about the weekly Home Group, please contact Mark - details below), and we are seeking to grow more in our experience of the His Holy Spirit in our lives and worship through prayer ministry and an expectation that He will manifest Himself amongst us. 

If you have any gifts or talents you think you could offer in our ministry or worship and service as a local church and if you would like to contact us, or if you need any other help, please feel free to ask: 
Linda (015394  41777)  or 
Marie (015394  41634)