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Creating hyperlinked text

How do I convert text in a Word document into a hyperlink to a website?

First of all, why do I do it? Because a URL (website address) is often very long, especially one for a specific page within a website, and to copy and paste those into a Word document would be ugly and space wasting.  Take this website page which has the ludicrously long URL: 
but looks so much neater as Adding Hyperlinks and takes you to the page just the same.

So here’s the how:

I use Google Chrome for my browser but having called up the website I want to include in my Word doc., I find it easiest to copy and paste that URL into Internet Explorer and call up the site there. This is because IE, being a Microsoft programme, is compatible with Word.

Go back to the Word doc. and type in the word (s) you want to convert.

Block them and click on the Hyperlink icon on ‘Standard’ toolbar at the top of the page. This brings up the ‘Insert Hyperlink’ box.

In the left column of the box, click ‘Existing file or web page’.

In the ‘Type the file or webpage’ bit you can do just that, but if you now return to the site you want in Internet Explorer, click on the URL box to highlight it, and right click ‘copy’ It will automatically appear in the ‘Insert Hyperlink’ box. You don’t even have to paste it in – it just does it.  

        But hang on a mo! Why bother with Internet Explorer if you normally use Firefox or Chrome? Why not just copy and paste 
        the URL  into the ‘Insert Hyperlink’ box? Because Microsoft don't allow you to paste into the box.  Don't ask me why, ask them!

Click OK and your typed text becomes a hyperlink.

Back to that ‘Insert Hyperlink’ box for a moment, you can also convert text into an email link by first clicking ‘Email address’ in the left column and typing or copying in the address you want.  Hence Nobbut Torver takes you straight to your 'create email' box.

I have a Word doc. on my desktop containing a list of oft used hyperlinked email addresses and websites (done as above) from which I copy and paste into email messages, onto this site, or anywhere else I want them.

If you have any questions, please ask.
If you know a better way, please tell.

Additional:  I have found that where some programmes and websites don't allow for many actions when working with text, MS Word is fairly compregensive  comprehensive and what is produced in Word can usually be copied & pasted elsewhere. That error and correction of 'comprehensive' is an example where the striking through of the error was done in Word because there is no facility for doing it in this programme. I just did it in Word and copied it in.  A silly example, I know, but proof that it works.

Happy Christmas   There's another good example. Old English Text MT is not included in this site's fonts list, so I did it in Word and copied it in.