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Google Sites

This site is a Google Site, created here: Google Sites.    And it was completely free.

To use it you will need a Google Account which is easy to set up and usable for a host of other Google services.

There is not much point in me going into detail about how to use it, but if anyone fancies setting up a website I'll be happy to help guide them through so as to avoid some of the stumbling around I have done over the past few weeks.  But there is one important tip worth noting before you start.  Think very hard about your site name before entering it because it will become part of the URL (web address), and although you can change the site name later the URL will remain the same.  That is why this site now has the Google URL that includes it's original title, 'Torver Parish Council': 

I could have avoided this error fairly easily had I realised at the time.  The original site was designed for TPC but we later decided that two sites would be better. By this time I had already added 15 pages of Torver history and much more and the easiest part to move out to a new site was the TPC stuff.  We eventually got around the problem by registering the domain name and arranging a 'Frame Redirect' from there to the original site.

But back to the bones:  The Google Sites facility allows for 100MB of capacity, of which this site has used 60% so far, and that includes many photos and images and a few data-rich pdf attachments.  If I ever fill it up I will simply create a new site (Son of Torver) using the same style settings and cross-link the two together.

One useful tip:  set up an experimental site alongside the real one. That way, when you come across some vaguely described tool and you're not sure what it does, you can risk wrecking the experimental site first.