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Country Shows 2020

All dates subject to Coronavirus regulations.  Check the website to confirm.

Many throughout the year

None due to Coronavirus

None due to Coronavirus

Saturday 13th June

None due to Coronavirus

None due to Coronavirus

None due to Coronavirus

No news

No news

Wednesday 5th August

None due to Coronavirus

No news

Saturday 15th August

Sunday 16th August
in Torver

No news

Monday 31st August

Thursday 24th August 

Wednesday 2nd September
No news

Thursday 10th September

Saturday1st November
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2019  Village Calendar

Schoolroom (village hall) bookings shown here may not be complete.
Please check availability for bookings by contacting  Rev Brian Streeter:  01229 861668

Regular meetings or events

Organisation or Club                  Day of the month            Time                   Where
Women's Institute                       1st Wednesday              7.30 pm              Venues
Torver Line                                 Every Wednesday             8 pm               Schoolroom
Torver Parish Council                1st Thursday                 7.30 pm             Schoolroom
Torver Lunch Club                     2nd Friday                     12 noon            Church House Inn
Bikers Breafast  Apr - Oct          1st Sunday                        9am               Schoolroom
Breakfast Church Nov - Mar     1st Sunday                        9am               Schoolroom
The regular Calendar is effectively suspending for the Corvid 19 duration.
It will continue to list known events but I doubt there'll be any.
            Known to be suspended:
             Torver Lunch Club
                Torver Parish Council
                Torver Line (Line Dancing)
                All church services (The churches are closed)
                Church Breakfasts in the Schoolroom
                Broughton, Woodland & Foxfield WI

I have been informed by Rev Streeter (Schoolroom booking secretary) that all bookings for the hall are suspended for the duration of the lockdown.

April (and beyond)
                        In the Schoolroom
Thur 2nd             Torver Parish Council - all meetings suspended for Corvid 19 
                                (Clerk's contact details)
Sun 5th               Winter Breakfast Church - 9 am (Probably suspended)
Wed 8th               
Torver Line  - Suspended
Wed 15th            
Torver Line  - 
Wed 22nd           
Torver Line  - 
Sat 25th               
Private booking - Cancelled
Wed 29th            
Torver Line  - 

                               Other local events
Wed 1st               B.Mills, Woodland & Foxfield WI - Suspended
Fri 10th               Torver Lunch Club - Suspended until further notice for Corvid 19
Ulverston Police Desk
at the Market Hall
Every week - Mon, Tues, Thur & Fri from 9 am to 1 pm
Coniston Police Desk every other month - see main Calendar

Organisations & Clubs Contacts

A volunteer force providing immediate care to patients pending the arrival of the ambulance.
Meetings suspended
Carole Barr; 015394 41088

Torver Line
The village line dance club.
Every Wednesday  -
Pat Barr: 015394 41348
Email through:

Women's Insitute
Torver WI is no more
Broughton Mills, Woodland 
and Foxfield WI
welcome Torver ladies.
1st Wed. of the month  - 7.30 pm
Reading Room, Broughton Mills
and Woodland Parish Room
(see Woodland page for venue)
Contact: Pam Gillman on 01229 716321
Set up by Age UK to provide a monthly lunch for the over 50's.
2nd Fri. of the month - 12 noon.
Church House Inn
Pat Barr: 015394 41348
Email through:

1st Thursday of the month.
Schoolroom  -  7.30 pm.
Contact the parish Clerk:
Dorothy Wilkinson
015394 41764

St Luke's and St Andrew's
(Church of England)
For information please contact:
Linda Inman:  015394 41777

Schoolroom (Village Hall)
Parochial Church Council
Schoolroom sub-Committee
Committee meeting dates and times are not usually announced through Nobbut Torver or submitted for the Calendar, but may be posted in the Parish Newsletter.

Walna Scar
Shepherds Meet
Held on the first Saturday of November in one of three alternating venues: Torver, Broughton Mills and Seathwaite. These are village centres of the 'heafs', the areas of fellside that are remembered by the herdwick (hefted or heafed) sheep. When sheep stray onto a neighbour's heaf they are gathered and returned at the 'Meet', or they used to be before the age of Landrovers and trailers.  
        The Meets have now become more akin to social gatherings where sheep (herdwicks and swaledales) compete for rosettes and silver cups, children show their pets and shepherds meet for the crack and maybe to settle old scores.  There are hound trails, displays of decorative crooks and sticks and usually lots of mud so don't forget your wellies.  After the field events they meet in the local hostelry for singing, poetry readings and much quaffing of ale.

2019 - Seathwaite with quaffing
at the Newfield Inn.
2020 - Torver - Church House Inn
2021 - Broughton Mills - 

Quaffing is a form of social drinking where most of the ale misses the mouth, and the tankard is used not so much as a vessel to drink from, but as something handy to conduct the singing.     (Terry Pratchett)

Alan Rayner's
featuring the 2014 Torver Meet
will give you some idea.

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Jan 2, 2020, 11:57 AM
Hideous Dwarf,
Feb 13, 2020, 2:30 AM
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Jan 16, 2020, 2:15 AM