Goods Yard Housing Project

The plan by John and Helga Barr to build homes on the Old Goods Yard on the corner of the A593 and A5084.  The original plan for 17 homes was withdrawn to be replaced with a 9 home development.

A village meeting (see below) was held in the Schoolroom on Monday 19th May where John and Helga explained the new plan.  An information pack was presented at the meeting and you can view it by clicking on the attachment at the bottom of this page.

The revised plan has yet to be submitted to the Planning Authority.  When it is I will notify the village through the Nobbut Email List and 
you will be able to submit your comments directly to them through the  

You may also share your views on this website by going to the Goods Yard Forum page.

News Flash
3rd September 2014

With the nine home development on the Old Goods Yard approve by the Planning Board's Development
Control Committee today, John and Helga Barr (the site owners) have written a letter to the villagers of Torver.
You can read it  here.

Goods Yard Planning Proposal Meeting
19th May 2014, 7pm Schoolroom

Present John and Helga Barr, David Rogers, Pat Barr, Jill ?, Joyce Lancaster, Alistair Cameron, James Johnson, Cath Walton, Hugh Cameron, Bill Dorman, Ross ?, Mr and Mrs Milburn, Carole Barr, Clare Davison, Neil Griffin 

John and Helga Barr called this meeting to present their revised plans for housing on the Goods Yard site.  John opened the meeting by explaining they had worked closely with the NPA (National Park Authority) and the CLT (Coniston Land Trust) to draw up revised plans that encompassed the comments from the January Village Meeting but that also would be a viable project.  As a private developer John pointed out he was not eligible for funding or grants.  Plans and information packs were available at the meeting (see the attachment below).  John explained the occupancy would cover the National Park South Distinctive Area and he listed those parishes.  He drew attention to the NPA Supplementary Planning Guidance, which gave information on the South Distinctive Area. 

Alistair Cameron then explained the history of the CLT and why they support the Goods Yard Application.  The homes proposed are classified as ‘Local Needs Homes’ and "Local Affordable Need Homes."  Both types are very important to overcome the present lack of permanent occupancy homes, which make it difficult for village services and groups to find residents to join, such as the Fire Service, Coniston Carers etc, as there has been a general decline in resident population.  He told the meeting this proposal is a new classification in the National Park, “Dwellings that met local need” and would provide housing in addition to “affordable to rent”, therefore filling other local housing needs such as self build.  The CLT had just one problem with the plans and that was that they felt the area from which people would qualify was too restrictive and hoped this would be widened in the future. 

The floor was opened up for questions and comments. 

BD asked about previous housing surveys and identified housing needs for Torver, also the Parish Plan for Torver, as the Goods Yard Application was in excess of the most recent identified need for the village.  AC and HC explained the previous surveys and that previous surveys had concentrated on “affordable to rent “ needs, which had been met.  Local Needs Homes would bring more families into the village to overcome the decline in recent years. 

There was discussion around need and whether the houses would attract young families.  JB confirmed young couples and families were interested in the self build plots.  CB said we couldn’t make young families move here but we could provide opportunity and whoever moved into the houses they would at least be permanent residents.  BD said the last four properties sold in the village had gone to people who were living here or intended to.  CB said that was good but often people said they would move here permanently but then don’t.  Also generally properties were sold and not lived in.  PB said we needed to give young people an opportunity to buy at an affordable price but also keep that housing stock into the future.  AC confirmed the houses could not become holiday or second homes as they would have strict conditions.  CB pointed out that John and Helga had changed their plans after the January meeting, had reduced housing numbers and widened the choice of housing stock so this was an opportunity to comment on whether people felt the plans were more acceptable proposal and asked how people felt about the revised plans.  There were no comments.  JL said her only concern was that the access was directly opposite her house and car lights at night would shine directly at her windows. 

BD asked about the planning process and where in the system were the plans.  JB said the plans had not yet been submitted.  When they were they would come to the Torver Parish Council for comment and that everyone would also have the opportunity to comment. 

BD asked AC would the CLT be taking into account the housing needs and parish plan survey results as an indication of the wishes of the village?  AC said the CLT wholeheartedly supported this new type of housing development as a much needed alternative to affordable to rent, which previous surveys had concentrated on. 

JB said he is happy to discuss any concerns at any point and that if more information packs were needed he would supply them to people if they left their contact details.

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