Letter from John & Helga Barr

Dear All, 

As planning permission has today been granted for the Old Goods Yard to provide 9 houses for Locals (subject to conditions and a few more technical issues!), we would just like to express our sincere and grateful thanks to all who have supported us and our vision to regenerate the beautiful settlement of Torver. 

There are so many people who have wished us well but we would like to give a special mention to Carole Barr (no relation!) whose speech (in favour of the proposal) in front of a daunting "Development Control Committee", plus one objector, was passionate, factually accurate and at times extremely moving - Torver is extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated, hard-working, full-time resident! 

Our thanks also go out to all the people who took the time to write letters of support to the LDNPA, as these, we believe, did have a lot of input on the Planning Board's final decision. 

Thank you all at the Coniston & Torver Land Trust (Anne Hall, Helen Dodd, Alastair & Hugh Cameron) for leading us through the technical minefield and for your continued support throughout the process. 

David at the Nobbut - a big thank you to you for all your work re the Goods Yard Forum and for allowing such a lively, democratic debate!! 

We are sure there are more to thank ........ and if we have inadvertently missed your name, please, please accept our apologies! 

To the residents of Torver - please be assured that wherever possible, we will endeavour to carry out the building works of the development with as little disruption to village life as possible. 

Thank you once again, 

John & Helga Barr