Nobbut Torver Community Funds

Demise of the Millenium Fund account
Many of you will be aware of the Millennium Fund set up at the turn of the century under the management of Pat Barr and Richard Prickett.  Because the bank account had not been used for some years Barclays judged it to be dormant and closed it down.  After much form-filling and trouble taken by Pat the balance from that account has been refunded by the bank.

Rise of the Nobbut Torver Community Funds account
With a bag of cash from the Wilson Arms Folk Night in July 2014 needing a safe home, I agreed that Pat should deposit it in the Nobbut Torver bank account for safekeeping.  Then we got together and decided the best way forward was to adapt the Nobbut Torver bank account to include the Millennium Fund and any other village funds in need of a home.   The account retains its original name (Nobbut Torver), but is now the Nobbut Torver Community Funds account.

How it works
While the funds are held by the bank as a single sum, the Nobbut Torver books have been adapted to show sub-accounts for each of the funds included in the bank account (see right for list of sub-accounts). 

This is not a case of the Nobbut taking over the village fund, but of Nobbut Torver becoming just one part (one sub-account) within the new Nobbut Torver Community Funds account.

The sub-accounts will be kept strictly separate, each under the control of the particular group responsible for it.  Funds will not be transferred between sub-accounts unless all parties agree.  The NTC Funds committee's purpose is to oversee the bank account and administer the distribution of any general funding.

The Nobbut Torver Community Funds committee:
David Rogers (Bookkeeper) 015394 41395
Pat Barr (Secretary) 015394 41348
Glenis Rogers
Carole Barr
Nina Cameron
Sylvia Bradley
Kai (Creative advisor)

Cheques payable to: "Nobbut Torver"
And sent to:
David Rogers (NTC Funds Bookkeeper)
The larches
LA21 8BT
Or handed to any committee member.
Please state which sub-account the money is destined for.

Account details for BACS (online) transfers available on request.

Easy Fundraising

With your help we can raise oodles of cash for the village.

If you're an online shopper you can get a donation to the Community Fund from the retailer with every purchase you make.

And it won't cost you a brass farthing.

Please go to the
page to find out how

NTC Funds sub-accounts

Nobbut Torver
Email List & Website - David Rogers

Millennium Fund
Drama Group - Pat Barr

Folk Fund
Folk Festival Group

General Fund
Money raised for the village
including:  Easy Fundraising

Torver Trail Fund
Trail improvements - grant money

The NTC Funds account is available to any village organisation or project requiring banking facilities.