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Broadband Upgrade

Broadband is to be upgraded in this area
We need to make sure Torver is included
We need your help
Without your help it could stop at Coniston

How fast is your broadband?
You can find out here - just click 'begin' and wait for the gismo to check out your computer's broadband speed.  I just checked mine and got 1,241 kbps (just over a megabyte per second) a far cry from the government's promise (or is it just an aspiration?) to achieve a minimum of 4 mbps over 95% of the country by some mythical date in the distant future.  The big towns and cities are beginning to get 8, 16, 32 and even 64 mbps broadband speeds.  Isn't it about time we got a bit of that?

So why is ours so slow?
Two reasons really.  Substandard copper wires that were never designed to carry broadband but are adequate for telephone conversations.  And our misfortune at being at the End of the Line; that is the last call on a long loop that goes through Windermere, Ambleside and Coniston before we get the remaining dregs of connectivity out here Beyond the Black Stump.  
I suppose we have the blame the Vikings for setting Thorvergh so far from civilisation.

What's the answer?        Fibre Optics!
Fibre optic cables can be laid following the existing ducts used by the old copper wires.  Of course, we'll still be at the end of the line, but fibre optics are so much more efficient and certainly up to handling broadband at very high speeds.  However, the quality of service we receive depends on the connection BT installs from Coniston.  

How, or whether to connect Coniston to Torver will depend on how much demand BT feel there is in Torver for accessing the internet at high speeds.  

If we are to be successful in getting a high quality service, as many people as possible need to register their interest with BT and Connecting Cumbria, which is the organisation responsible for coordinating the upgrade.  Registration has to be done by individuals and businesses so that potential demand for the service can be measured.  Declarations of interest are made by using both of the following links to BT and Connecting Cumbria:

It is important to stress that this declaration of interest does not mean that you have to take up the service once it is available, it's just a way of saying that you might.  You will be able to use any broadband service provider you wish; you will not have to use BT in the same way that your telephone has BT wires but you can choose your calls provider. 

Is high speed broadband right for you?
You may not be sure that super-fast broadband is something that you want or need, however there are a few points worth bearing in mind. It is certain that television will increasingly orientate around the internet, services like BBC's iPlayer will provide live and catch-up TV over broadband connections.  Video on demand for film and other entertainment will be serviced over broadband as once the fibre optic cables are installed, they are very cheap to run, unlike satellites and conventional TV transmitters.  Good broadband enables people to work remotely meaning that more and more people will be able to live and work in communities like Torver without commuting, benefiting the environment, improving the quality of life for remote working people and building a strong base for the economic and therefore social future of the village. 

You may feel that benefits like these don't really affect you as you are happy with your TV and don't use the internet much, but other people do and it is now accepted that high speed internet connection will be a key factor in whether communities thrive because they are popular, or fade because the younger generation move on and don't move back in.

What am I signing up to?
There is no commitment involved in expressing an interest using the web links above.  If sufficient members of the Torver community register we will have a much better chance of getting the high speed upgrade the village needs.  This is our opportunity to have the equipment installed. Once the Connecting Cumbria project has completed and the government money is spent, those areas still not connected will have to make their own arrangements which will be very expensive indeed.

So I would encourage as many people as possible to spend a few minutes registering on both websites to give ourselves the best possible chance of getting a high speed upgrade courtesy of the government and BT. 

                    Thank you for your support.