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Old Man of Coniston - the name

I was wittering in the car the other day, boring the wife with my complaint that amid the wide range of wonderful and dramatic names for our high places (Walna Scar, Dow Crag, Skiddaw, Scafell etc.) our local mountain got landed with the pathetic 'Old Man of Coniston'. She (being of sounder mind) took my moan on a quick trawl of the Internet and discovered the origins of the name.

Old Man is a corruption of the Celtic Alt Maen, or High Stone, the corruption taking place probably in the Middle Ages. Other examples include the Maen Llia (standing stone) in the Brecon Beacons, and the Maen Madoc or Maen Madog a menhir (long stone) adjacent to the Sarn Helen Roman road - Brecon Beacons again.