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Torver Shield

Searching through the Nobbut archives recently I came across the interesting document, shown on the right, giving an explanation of the symbols shown on the Torver Shield which adorns the signboard of St Luke's church:

As you can see the precise shape of the symbols and the colours changed from the original although they were reproduced accurately from the signboard by Kai when he produced the shield now used for Torver Parish.  He did replaced the 'Vertor Christo' (I am turned to Christ) banner inscription to make it more suitable for secular purposes and changed the top shape for artistic reasons, but he and I are keen to acknowledge both the original and St Luke's.

I cannot remember how I came by the 'Explanation' document, but clearly I owe a debt to the late Doreen Pennington, to the past rectors Thomas Ellwood and R S Heaton, and to the Blawith & Torver Parish Magazine of 1935.