Torver Tales

A series of short stories set in Torver, some in olden times and some set any old time, but more or less recently.

Most you will find in the sub-pages, but one turned out rather longer than originally intended so I have attached it as a PDF file.  It is readable on screen, but if you want to print it up it does run to 59 pages.  The cover page didn't convert too well but I will work on that and replace it in the near future.

The attached story - The Blight of the Blethering Black-hearted Bloodbeast of Blea - was originally written as a pantomime script, but when it became clear that it was never going to reach the stage I decided to re-write it as a story, keeping all the original characteristics and characters.  If you live in Torver you will recognise many local references, but I should make it very clear that none of the characters in the plot are based on real people, living, dead, or just bloody annoyed.  Any similarities are therefore purely coincidental.

And a note about the plot:   According to a statement made by a National Park officer at a parish council meeting on 28th April 1994, Torver is not classed as a settlement area (village) because it is not large enough for a housing policy and it is not essential for people to live here. It was therefore officially designated as an 'Open Space'.  The plot of 'Bloodbeast' derives from that statement.