Torver Trail

The Torver Trail, years in the planning, is now open.  It runs from the A5084 just behind Station House, across the backs of the Church House Inn, St Luke's and the Schoolroom, to the west of the Old Rectory Guest House, and join up with the footpath north from the Old Rectory lane off the A593.  And it really is beautiful.  Our thanks to the many who put so much time and effort into its creation and to the adjacent landowners without who's cooperation and help it could never have been built.

If you click on the map to the left you'll get a larger view, or click on the Torver Trail Plan (map) pdf at the bottom of the page.

The work began with the construction of a new bridge over Torver Beck and progressed rapidly to completion once the contractors moved in.  There are plans to create a photo record of the project from start to finish for the Torver Website, beginning with a set showing how the route looked before work began.  Below you will find a series of attachments that were posted on the LDNPA Planning Board website showing various aspects of the project.

But since the opening a serious problem has emerged.   Dog fouling!

A recent walk along the stretch from the A5084 to the new bridge (just 200 yards) revealed over fifty piles of dog poo.
This has accumulated over several months which suggests it's local dog walkers rather than tourists.  Please help!
The Trail is a perfect place for walking the dog and you are most welcome to do so.
But many local people have given their time to creating the Torver Trail.
They deserve better than to have it spoiled by thoughtless dog owners.
Posters are being placed along the Trail and you'll find a copy attached below (top of the list).

Under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996, if  you fail to clean up after your dog you could be liable for an initial fixed penalty of £75.
Persistent offenders will be taken to a Magistrates Court and face a fine of up to £1000.

If you wish to take action against a dog owner who has not cleaned up after their dog, you should report this to the SLDC Dog Fouling Customer Contact Centre on 0845 050 4434. Please include the following information:
      • The name and address of the person in charge of the dog, if possible.
      • A description of the dog.
      • When and where the offence took place
The evidence will be considered with a view to prosecuting the offender.

But if you're one of the dog walkers responsible, please don't let it come to that.
                                                Get yourself some poo bags.   Take it home.