Torver Watch
Torver's version of Neighbourhood Watch

Torver Watch doesn't have a membership list because we don't need one.

If you live in Torver, full time resident or 2nd home owner, absentee property owner or employed in the village, Torver Watch represents you.  Of course you will want to be informed of any nefarious activities - house break-ins, visiting thieves and scumbags, police warnings, online scams or any other wickedness, so please join the Nobbut Torver Email List (if you're not already on it) through which Torver Watch notices will be sent out.

My name is David Rogers and I'll be the official 'Coordinator' for Torver Watch.  I'm also the Nobbut man so it all ties up nicely.

If you want to report something nasty you've seen, please send it to me:  I will then alert the rest of the village through the Nobbut and inform the police.  But I'm not a policeman, so you can still report to the police direct through either the 999 (emergency) or 101 (non-emergency) numbers.  But please let me know too I can spread the word.

If you would like Neighbourhood Watch plastic signs or window stickers you can either buy them from Amazon through those links, or get them from me at The Larches.  Or email me and we'll arrange a hand over.  My stock of signs and stickers has been bought through the Torver General Fund and there'll be no charge, but if you want to make a donation it will be just the cost price and no pressure.  The General Fund is your money anyway.

Any Nobbut emails you receive about Watch activities will begin "Torver Watch" in the Subject box.

So Welcome to Torver Watch, the Scourge of Scumbags