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Kayaking Torver Beck

Lower reaches down to Sunny Bank. Looks like fun!

Bannishead Quarry Jump

Walna Scar to Torver by Bike

Where is this?

Couldn't quite locate this one   
Maybe you can. Please let me know.
My great thanks to Nigel Coe of Hawes Bank, Coniston for answering this one. Here's what he says:
"I viewed the ‘Couldn’t quite locate this one’ video. They are initially on the Broughton Moor forestry bridleways & tracks (for example, the first uphill section to a track is at 251 929) and later they are by Walna Scar Quarries and go up the Walna Scar Road Coniston-wards. The route is similar to the cycle route on p.161 of Lake District Mountain Biking, which I’ve done. The book’s route doesn’t go over the bridge in the video, but perhaps it is Natty Bridge or the bridge 1/2km to its south."

Torver Back Common

Our Mountian

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Songs of Praise (with subtitles)

Toccata and Fugue on the Glass Harp

The true cost of the Royal Family explained

OK Go! Here it goes again