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Coniston & Crake Catchment Partnership
Dedicated to the monitoring and protection of our waterways from Coniston Water down through the River Crake and the local becks that feed them.

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Ulverston Police Desk  -  Coronation Hall
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Previous website dog 
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The Ancient Village of Torver lies in a beautiful wooded valley close to Coniston Water at the southern end of the Lake District National Park. 

‘Thorvergh’ owes its origins to the Viking Norse incursions of the eighth century when they got tired of all that rapin’ and pillagin’ and decided to settle down. Of course, it was all mud huts back then (‘torf’ and ‘erg’: turf roofed hut) and most of them have gone now, but the Church House Inn dates from 1378.
(and other old stuff)

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There's an inversion table (for back sufferers) up at the Larches, free to a good home (or a bad back).
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Fly Fishing
       Coniston & Torver
District Angling Association
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We have two splendid pubs in Torver
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