Nobbut Torver  the  Village Email Service

Nobbut Torver is the village news service. It operates through the Nobbut Email List which is open to anyone who wishes to be on it.  Sign up and you'll get the Parish Council minutes, police and other messages and any news that comes my way.  I don't do a weekly newsletter but send out any news as soon as it arrives. 

The Nobbut reaches over 75% of villagers.

If you want to sign up to the Nobbut Email List, just email me and you're on.

And if you have a message you want sent out to villagers you know where to come.

David Rogers (Fat Controller)
Telephone: 015394 41395
If the link doesn't work, right click on it - 'Copy email address' - paste into your email message 'To' box.

The Nobbut Torver bank account was recently converted into the  Nobbut Torver Community Funds account.
It now serves several village organisations with the original Nobbut Torver email and website service as one sub-account.

So, why Nobbut Torver?   What exactly is a Nobbut?

The Nobbut began in the spring of 2003 with a village meeting in the Church House Inn, a fairly drunken affair which launched a magazine that has never quite sobered up since.  Perhaps the best thing that came out of that meeting was the name Nobbut Torver, a complete mystery to the casual observer but well understood by the local citizenry.  So how did it come about?

It’s all about love and harmony between our local communities.  According to folklore the good people of Coniston, three miles down the road, once coined the slogan: ’Nowt Caps Coniston’  in praise of their happy little hamlet.  Then some bright spark of a Torverite (purely in the spirit of friendship, of course) added the words: ‘No’but Torver’ (see * below) to which the Conistonites for some reason took great exception.

In using the phrase as the name of our new organ we meant only to extend the hand of friendship across the great divide and thus further cement the bond of fellowship which unites our two communities.   It was in no way intended to suggest that Torver is in any sense superior to Coniston which is, in any case, obvious and doesn’t require going on about.

* We took out the apostrophe and settled for ‘Nobbut’ so as not to confuse poor country folk with such an advanced grammatical form.   
After all, the village down the road is written as Blawith and pronounced ‘Blarth’ which is about all the confusion they can take.